The ideal destination for the most capital-efficient source of funding for African technology founders.

Moolu backs exceptional founders who disrupts their vertical and create new ones.

We believe in strong foundations and lasting impact.

Moolu – translates in our blurb as “More luv 4 founders”

The Moolu ethos is founded on a founders-centric mission.

Moolu VC is built by founders for founders, every single piece of our organization is focused on helping outstanding entrepreneurs to thrive. Our backing excels beyond just providing capital, we’ve got the experience, insight and understanding to help founders on their journey.

We believe that entrepreneurs are the definitive agents of positive, transformational change across every aspect of our society. Our mission is to spur this progress forward.

What we look out for

Moolu backs ambitious, resilient and quick-witted entrepreneurs who are building high growth, tech businesses whose global vision includes winning in Africa at the growth stage in $Bn markets.

Validated product-market fit
Outstanding founding team with a technical founder (2-4)

Verifiable Market Size in $Bn

Built and iterative Minimum valuable Product (MVP)

Market demand with “early signs’ of exponential-growth in traction.

A “differentiator” product with clear market leadership.

Capital efficient with clear revenue model

Founders flexibility to learn and navigate pathway to IPO.

Our Differentiation

We provide in-house market analysis and work with founders in their market-penetration efforts.Introductions to industry players and investors and help founders to navigate their journey to raising larger rounds of funding.

We work with founders to design their equity dilution roadmap to IPO and provide coaching through our proprietary Moolu capital mechanism” on this pathway. We provide seed funding with professional and advisory services.

We provide industry gateway supports and help to fast track sectorial driven approvals that will help unleash the expansion work of our portfolio companies.

What should founders expect?

There is no ‘one size-fits-all’ style to investing. However, as a founder, these are some basic things you should expect if we are lucky enough to be invited into your fundraising process.

Our objective is to line up our thoughts on vision and shared ambition. For us, this is the most significant action. Like you, we are not here to make incremental progress. We want to accelerate those who want to move the world forward and make Africa great.

Upon this premise, we take a thematic and relationship-led method to investing. It entails we can figure our conviction fast, move at your speed, and align with you from our first conversation.

We desire to back founders from the earliest stages through to IPO. While there are always exceptions to the rule, we typically focus on African founders at the early stages, and founders whose global vision includes winning in Africa at the growth stage.

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